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You’re sitting at your desk and suddenly feel searing pain in your back. You clench your fists, hoping it will go away. And you wonder what you’ve done to yourself — and what you can do to get your healthy back, back.

You’re not the only one with this problem. Research shows that 31 million people in the United States experience pain in the lower back at a given time.

Nothing can set you back like a back injury. Fortunately, you can start the new year off right with exercise and the following four tips for maintaining a healthy back.

Let’s jump in!

Healthy Back: Get Back to Basics

Remember when Mama used to tell you to stop slouching?

She was on to something.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your back healthy is to maintain good posture. Why? Because bad posture can do a number on your spine.

While standing, tuck the chin, which will slightly lengthen your neck’s backside. Then, lower your shoulder blades, and bring them back. Finally, keep the palms of your hands facing forward.

When you plan to sit for long periods, be sure to utilize lumbar support. You don’t need anything fancy — even a rolled-up towel will do.

The towel should be placed at your spin’s base. Then, you can simply adjust its thickness for comfort.

So, if you’re having back pain, you’ve learned a couple of lessons here.

One: If you want to save your back, it pays to pay more attention to how you stand and sit.

Two: It pays to listen to your mother.


If your job involves a lot of sitting, you can easily develop stiffness in your neck, back, and hips.

This stiffness can cause the lower part of your back to make up for the movement you are not getting anywhere else.

Fortunately, a simple stretch can help you to maintain the mobility you need in the parts of your body that usually become stiff.

Stand in a lunge position. A lunge is where one of your legs is facing forward with your knee bent and your foot flat, whereas the other one is positioned behind.

Then, position your back foot’s toes slightly inward, and stand proud and tall.

Next, sink into your lunge more until you can feel a solid stretch in your back leg’s front area.

This easy stretch can work wonders for your back over time.


You need to keep your core engaged. Unfortunately, the transverse abdominis muscle, which wraps around your lower spine and gives you support, usually stays inactive.

To retrain it, position your fingers over the two bony spots below the navel that extend from the pelvis. Then try to bring the navel back toward the spine, imagining that you are tightening the core area.

The muscles below your fingers should start to become firm. Hold this position for five or more seconds. You can do this while lying down or standing.

This is a perfect wage to engage your transverse abdominis regularly and thus protect your back long term.


One of the biggest things you can do to take care of your back is to keep moving.

Movement will keep the flood blowing in your back. For instance, go biking on a sidewalk, use an elliptical or even go for a stroll at your neighborhood park.

A little movement can go a long way for your back.

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