deep tissue massage

Just going through our everyday lives, we accumulate stress. It can manifest in our bodies in different ways. Some experience neck or back pain while some will have an elevated blood pressure on their next doctor’s visit.

Breaking bad habits and other lifestyle changes will help lessen or prevent some of the symptoms of stress. But if you want to get rid of lingering pain or want to have a relaxing afternoon to destress, the massage is a time-tested option.

A deep tissue massage (DTM) is a type of massage that uses intense pressure to reach the deep layers of muscle, tendons, and fascia.

What are the benefits that you can get from this type of massage? Read on to learn more.

Isn’t Deep Tissue Massage Just a Regular Massage but with Harder Pressure?

DTM utilizes techniques that are similar to Swedish massage such as friction to get rid of knots or adhesions. However, DTM focuses on therapy and rehabilitation. In general, Swedish massage is used for relaxation.

The pressure is stronger and you need to be prepared for some discomfort during DTM and even after. But you should always speak up if you find that the pressure is too much for you. If you’re experiencing pain, you’ll unconsciously tense up the muscle being worked on. This makes it harder to achieve the results that you need.

The Reasons to Go Deep

DTM techniques are specifically designed to relieve chronic muscle tension. But there are other proven benefits as well.

1. Pain Relief

This is the main reason why people seek a DTM therapist. DTM lessens pain in the muscles by eliminating some of the sources of pain. These include accumulated tension, adhesions, and fascial inflammation.

According to one study, DTM with self-stretching exercise is more effective than the usual ultrasound with self-stretching exercise method of treating plantar heel pain syndrome. DTM can also offer relief to patients suffering from low-back pain, arthritis pain, and fibromyalgia.

2. Improves Range of Motion

Scar tissue can form in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This can happen after an intense workout. Small injuries that we tend to ignore can cause scar tissue to develop. The affected joint becomes hampered by the scar.

Deep tissue massage can dissolve these scars to improve the range of motion.

3. Improves Athletic Performance and Decreases Recovery Time

After practice or after a grueling sports match, DTM can delay muscle fatigue and pain. It also promotes muscle flexibility to give the athlete a competitive edge.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

A study showed that after a DTM, participants lowered their systolic blood pressure by ten and diastolic BP by five. DTM also lowered the heart rate by ten beats per minute.

It is important to note that DTM is not a substitute for hypertension medications. It can be used in addition to maintenance meds, lifestyle modifications, and diet to manage high blood pressure.

5. Stress Relief

We mentioned that DTM is more focused on therapy and rehab but it is also a very relaxing experience. Like other forms of massage, DTM is a great way to unwind during the weekend to get rid of the stress during the work week.

Massage Therapy for Better Health

At Arctic Chiropractic South Anchorage, we believe that massage isn’t just a relaxation method. Massage is a therapy that can treat injuries, help the body recover, and improve overall well-being.

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