back care tips

Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy. Even after giving birth, you may still experience it. However, it’s severity may reduce a few weeks after delivery.

The pain usually occurs because of weight gain, loose ligaments, and a shift in the center of gravity. Women typically experience these cases naturally when they’re pregnant.

Activities, such as carrying your baby on your back and lifting the baby up, can also be hard on your spine. New mothers can lift their babies up to 50 times a day. This can be burdening given babies weigh about 7 to 10 pounds.

The good thing is that you can manage the pain. With the right back care tips, you can reduce the severity of this condition.

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1. Hot or Cold Therapy

For acute pain, apply ice to your back for about 15 minutes. This is known as cold therapy or cryotherapy. Ice helps to slow pain signals and reduce swelling. You can also use coolant sprays or take an ice bath to ease the pain.

If the pain involves muscle pain and stiffness, heat therapy can work for you. Heat helps to improve blood circulation and minimizes lingering aches. It can also help to soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue. You can warm uncooked rice in a cotton sock to use in this treatment

2. Exercises

It’s recommended to exercise three times a week during and after pregnancy. However, you should only engage in exercises when your doctor says it safe to do so.

They will recommend the right back care tips for exercises you can do. For example, yoga and stretching exercises are usually recommended to restore your back and hip flexibility. Pilates can also help to strengthen your back muscles. Exercises are even important if you are overweight.

For mothers who had a Caesarian-section delivery, it may take longer before you can engage in exercises. Your obstetrician will always monitor you and advice you accordingly on exercise therapy.

3. Prevent Back Pain

When lifting the baby, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends squatting. Ideally, you should bend at your knees instead of at the waist.

When breastfeeding, avoid bending over to your baby. You should instead bring the baby close to your breast. You can place a pillow on your lap to help with this. Also, always sit upright when nursing your little one.

Carrying your baby improperly also contributes to back pain. For this reason, you should avoid carrying the baby on your hip. Refrain from carrying the baby in the infant car seat while getting into your car. Fasten the infant seat to the car first and then place the baby in the seat separately.

Back Care Tips – Final Thoughts

Preventing back pain in expectant and new mothers is important to their overall health. If not managed, the pain can be quite severe, and this can affect your daily routine.

At Arctic Chiropractic South LLC, we offer different services to help with back pain. We can offer lifestyle advice, back care tips, massage, and exercise therapy to prevent or reduce your pain.

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