back pain chiropractor

Lower back pain is no joke, especially in a climate like we have here in South Anchorage, which requires not only a lot of physical activity but bones that can brave the coldest of the cold.

Fully half of all working Americans experience back pain over the course of a year, and they spend 50 billion dollars trying to ease it.

Solution: The Back Pain Chiropractor

Most of us are simply not treating our back properly, which is why of the 22 million people who visit chiropractors each year, a full 35% do so for back relief.

Lower back pain, in particular, is one of the more painful and debilitating chronic work conditions.

The good news is that a chiropractic solution is often the best non-invasive use of your time when it comes to your spine,

So how can a back pain chiropractor help relieve you of your misery?

The Physical Exam

The main philosophy behind chiropractic is to treat misalignment of the spine in order to cure pain caused by certain nerves that may be improperly impacted. It’s been found to bring relief to patients with everything from ear infections to sciatica.

Your first chiropractic visit will likely involve a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and your family history, as well as your own personal medical history.

This is followed by an examination of various points along the spine, and possibly some brief exercises to work out which areas of your spine are too mobile or too restricted. A therapy plan is then created.

Manipulation and Adjustment

Spinal manipulation therapy involves your back pain chiropractor manipulating various areas of your spine, either manually with the help of a machine, to realign different areas into their proper places.

This induces joint cavitation, which is just a fancy term for the release of chronic pressure that shouldn’t be there. You may feel the results immediately!


Your back pain chiropractor will augment manipulation with mobilization, which is a process of putting your spinal area through a normal range of motion to help work out kinks and also determine where further tightness may be concentrated.

Back pain chiropractors may have certain tools at their disposal to help with this, including therapeutic tables and rollers.

Massage and ART (Active Release Techniques)

Because chiropractic is a musculoskeletal therapy, it also focuses on the muscles surrounding your bones.

A back pain chiropractor may apply direct pressure to your nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia and have you go through a normal range of motion in order to identify and work out tightness in your muscles.

Physical Therapy

Finally, as part of a good chiropractic plan, you may be able to help improve your lower back pain on your own in between visits with a combination of dietary changes, exercise, application of heat and cold packs, and even certain orthopedic devices such as lifts for the shoe.

You Don’t Have to Live With Lower Back Pain

For those of us with chronic lower back pain conditions, the solution is often simpler than we think.

Invasive back surgery only causes more problems than it solves. A natural therapeutic approach is always best.

Get a consultation today and find out exactly what’s keeping your body from functioning normally.