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When I was a kid I almost looked forward to ear infections. It meant I got the bubble gum flavored pink antibiotic solution that tasted so good. I say almost because ear infections are awfully painful. And children are even more sensitive to them. But how common are chronic ear infections? Well, five out of Read More »

2016 was a stressful year for us all. And if you’re feeling the aches and pains of stress in your body, you’re not alone. Pain seems to be a part of life. From the day we come screaming into this cold world, we know exactly what pain is. But life doesn’t always have to be Read More »

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Summer has arrived and the warmer weather is just around the corner. But is pain keeping you from enjoying it? If so, realize that you can get help. And most importantly, there are a number of steps you can take to relieve your pain and prevent future occurrences. Following are some tips on getting you Read More »

Back pain, and a long list of other back and musculoskeletal problems, are frequently caused by different spinal, joint, and muscle issues. One of the most efficient remedies for dealing with these issues is spinal manipulation. Also known as spinal adjustment, this process of putting bones and joints back into their proper positions can be Read More »

Sciatica is a painful nerve condition that leaves many people in agony, especially in the winter. Current research agrees, sciatica can feel worse in cold temperatures; therefore, getting through winter can be especially difficult. By adding chiropractic treatment, many patients suffering from sciatica experience improvement in pain symptoms. For this reason, anyone suffering from sciatica, Read More »

The holidays can be a stressful time, even without back pain. When all this stress adds up to discomfort, enjoyment of the holidays can be compromised. Some may not even realize the extent of their discomfort until after the fact, when things begin to settle down, and pain becomes more noticeable. Now is the time Read More »

Spinal stenosis is a painful condition that can become progressively worse over time, with pain increasing as the condition progresses. Chiropractic treatment can help improve the pain and symptoms of stenosis, allowing patients to avoid complex and risky spinal surgery. Before deciding on surgical intervention, individuals dealing with spinal stenosis or its associated conditions problems Read More »

Chiropractic treatment is a beneficial therapy that has been practiced for many years. As chiropractors continue to discover even more ways to help sick and injured patients, the field of chiropractic care continues to grow. The history of spinal treatment is long, dating back to the age of the ancient Greeks when some of the Read More »

A bulging disc, also commonly called a slipped disc, can be extremely painful. It is a problem that chiropractors regularly see in patients seeking bulging disk pain relief from this condition. There are many causes of a bulging disc as well as many options for bulging disc treatment. Fortunately, there are many chiropractic techniques available Read More »

The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to create total wellness through body strength, freedom of movement, and properly functioning organs. One of the ways  accomplish this is with massage therapy such as Rolfing massage treatment. Rolfing massage is a type of tissue massage that improves the physical form by freeing the movement of fascia and Read More »