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Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy. Even after giving birth, you may still experience it. However, it’s severity may reduce a few weeks after delivery. The pain usually occurs because of weight gain, loose ligaments, and a shift in the center of gravity. Women typically experience these cases naturally when they’re pregnant. Activities, Read More »

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Just going through our everyday lives, we accumulate stress. It can manifest in our bodies in different ways. Some experience neck or back pain while some will have an elevated blood pressure on their next doctor’s visit. Breaking bad habits and other lifestyle changes will help lessen or prevent some of the symptoms of stress. Read More »

Corrective Exercises

In the United States, about 80% of the population will experience back pain at a point in their life. If you fall into this category, then you know how frustrating it can be to deal with back pain. The good news is if you try corrective exercises, you can get great benefits to improve the Read More »

healthy back

You’re sitting at your desk and suddenly feel searing pain in your back. You clench your fists, hoping it will go away. And you wonder what you’ve done to yourself — and what you can do to get your healthy back, back. You’re not the only one with this problem. Research shows that 31 million Read More »

benefits of chiropractic care

It’s been referred to as the “secret weapon” of world-class Olympians and professional athletes. It’s not protein shakes, or super foods, and definitely not bionic implants. It’s a person. Your friendly neighborhood chiropractor. The American Chiropractic Association describes the practice as “the natural, whole-body, drug-free approach.” In fact, that’s one of the benefits of chiropractic Read More »

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The holidays are a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate matters. Traditionally, it’s a time of joy and cheer. But for those suffering from chronic pain, the holidays aren’t so fun. You deserve a wonderful holiday season, and visiting a chiropractor can help. Here are the top reasons why getting in touch with Read More »

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Imagine driving to work early one morning¬†and being rear-ended by the sleepy driver behind you. Now you’ve damaged your car, your nerves are a mess and you’ve lost time from work. The worst part is sometimes your injuries aren’t noticeable until later on or the following day. Most people would go to their primary care Read More »

neck and back pain

Occasional neck and back pain happens to the best of us. Maybe you went too hard on your weight training at the gym. The hotel bed you slept in on vacation didn’t agree with you. But if your pain is becoming too frequent, it could mean you need a small lifestyle change. Most people will Read More »

Lower back pain is no joke, especially in a climate like we have here in South Anchorage, which requires not only a lot of physical activity but bones that can brave the coldest of the cold. Fully half of all working Americans experience back pain over the course of a year, and they spend 50 Read More »

Whether you have never sought chiropractic treatment or it’s been a while, there is a good reason for you to seek this type of care. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain and do so much more. ¬†Keep reading to learn 5 ways chiropractic adjustments benefit your health. Chiropractic Adjustments Can… Relieve Pain One of the most Read More »