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Chiropractic care is the perfect fix for the aches and pains of your athletic life.

Both professional and everyday athletes revel in its amazing fitness benefits. So what is this awesome healing therapy all about?

Chiropractic care involves the targeted application of pressure on the body. This heals ailments of the muscles and central nervous system.

This care has been proven to lead to improved sports performance. And many top athletes undergo chiropractic care on a regular basis to perform at their best.

The Professional Football Chiropractic Society actually treats all 32 NFL teams. So it’s clear this treatment is a permanent fixture in the world of athletics.

Is your sports performance being negatively impacted by debilitating pain?

Our Anchorage chiropractor professionals are a team of highly experienced practitioners. And our treatment can improve the quality of your athletic life.

Keep reading to learn how chiropractic care at our center can benefit any athlete.

Repairs Damage Done To Body In Sports

Athletes know firsthand the wear and tear that sports wreak on their bodies. On the field, their bodies are constantly taking hits. Our Anchorage chiropractor treatments will get your body back in tip top shape.

Treats Sports Injuries

High-impact sports can injure the body the same way a car accident would. Chiropractors can administer spinal adjustments to reduce nerve irritation. This means quicker injury recovery time and overall improved performance.

Chiropractic care treats injuries of the head, back, among other body parts.

A Drug-Free Option

Another exciting feature of chiropractic care is that it’s drug-free. Athletes can recover from injuries without the need for painkillers or surgery.

According to one report, chiropractors use specific methods to treat athlete’s bodies. These include massage, stretching, dry needling, and muscle stimulation. Chiropractors follow a holistic approach that focuses on maintaining a healthy body.

Are you an athlete who prefers not to take medication? Then chiropractic care is a great option for you.

Treatments are usually fast and patients can leave almost immediately after.

Prevents Injury And Improves Performance

Many studies show that chiropractic care improves athletic performance. It also works as a source of injury prevention.

Sports-specific chiropractors focus on manipulating joints, soft tissue, and the spine. This works to prevent injuries like sprains, strains, and concussions.

At Arctic Chiropractic we teach you the safest sports techniques. Our methods will reduce the reoccurrence and severity of the injury.

Lowers Pain Suffering

Millions of people suffer from back or neck pain. As an athlete, you don’t want chronic pain to block your success.

Chiropractic adjustments have been proven more effective at reducing acute pain. Researchers found spinal manipulation more effective than medication for acute neck pain.

Anchorage chiropractor experts like those at Arctic Chiropractic can help relieve the following:

  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • And others.

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Having the right chiropractor will make a significant difference in an athlete’s experience. Our team takes pride in giving the best care to every patient. We’ll heal your ailments and improve your quality of life.

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