neck and back pain

Occasional neck and back pain happens to the best of us.

Maybe you went too hard on your weight training at the gym. The hotel bed you slept in on vacation didn’t agree with you.

But if your pain is becoming too frequent, it could mean you need a small lifestyle change.

Most people will experience neck and back pain at some point in their life. According to research, back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor.

Starting to feel a twinge in your neck or back? Here are 5 habits to break now before the pain becomes unbearable.

1. Sitting at a Desk All Day

Even if you have perfect posture, sitting at a desk all day will still cause pain.

In a work day, you might be sitting somewhere between 6-12 hours a day. The human body was never meant to be this inactive.

When you sit, your vertebrae squish together like an accordion. This will cause you a lot of back pain over time.

Research shows that getting a little movement every 15-30 minutes will help a lot. Grab a coffee, take a lap around the copier; do what you can!

2. Wearing Old Shoes

Making sure your feet are properly supported is a great defense against back pain. That means throwing out shoes with run-down soles.

You have to be especially careful with your gym sneakers. Those wear down quicker than you think.

If you’re a runner, you should be getting new shoes every 6 months. If you do less impactful exercise, you might be able to stretch that to 8-10 months.

3. Drinking Too Much Before Bed

It’s natural to change positions several times during your sleep. That keeps muscles and joints from seizing up.

When you’re drunk, you tend to change positions much less. You might not just be waking up with a hangover, but neck and back pain too. An easy fix is to cut down on any drinking in the hours before bed.

4. Carrying a Heavy Purse

A heavy, over-the-should bag can cause a lot of neck and shoulder pain. It also throws your body out of proper alignment.

You might think the damage of carrying a big purse can’t be that bad. But, think about how often you use it. Probably every day, right?

As you get older, all those years of carrying a big weight on one shoulder will add up.

5. Skipping Workouts

Having a regular workout routine is important. Especially one that involves weight training.

Your muscles support your neck and back. The more muscle you have, the more support your neck and back have.

A healthy exercise regime also helps you keep your weight down. Excessive weight will put more stress on your back, causing pain.

Chronic neck and back pain shouldn’t be ignored

Tried changing your bad habits but you’re still hurting? It’s time to get checked out. You might need to take a different approach to start feeling good again.

That doesn’t have to mean painful surgery with a long recovery. There are effective, holistic ways of healing back and neck pain.

Interested in getting your pain under control? Contact us to schedule a consultation.