Back pain, and a long list of other back and musculoskeletal problems, are frequently caused by different spinal, joint, and muscle issues. One of the most efficient remedies for dealing with these issues is spinal manipulation. Also known as spinal adjustment, this process of putting bones and joints back into their proper positions can be very beneficial, and is highly successful in treating many kinds of pain. Chiropractic treatment, performed at spinal care centers, that includes spinal manipulation is so successful in treating a number of different problems, that it has also been found to be an important part of total wellness care. When performed by a chiropractor trained in spinal manipulation, patients tend to experience great relief from many conditions relating to the spine, and all other connected joints and nerves.

What Is Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is a process where a chiropractor applies force – in the form of short, quick pushes and thrusts – to the vertebrae and joints of the spine to create movement that results in realignment of those joints. During manipulation, joints are slightly over-extended before they realign in proper position. Manipulation commonly causes a popping noise when joints are moved, and this is thought to be gas from within the joints being released, allowing bones to resume their correct position.

What Does Spinal Manipulation Do?

When expertly applied by a person with good chiropractic skills, spinal manipulation – and the resulting joint movements – is useful to relieve pressure, and also reduce inflammation. When joints are able to align the way they should, the inflammation and pain associated with that misalignment can be reduced. Additionally, research into the effects of spinal manipulation indicate that manipulation can also loosen stuck joints and tight muscles, as well as stimulate the nervous system, and other systems within the body, to promote healing.

Sometimes repeated treatments are necessary when misalignment has been ongoing, as the muscles that hold the joints and bones in place become trained to hold them in the wrong position. Those who practice treatments at spinal care centers suggest that through repeated manipulations and careful retraining of the body, pain and inflammation is eventually reduced as the body learns to correct itself and remain in the correct position.

Conditions Spinal Manipulation Can Help

Manipulation of the spine has been found to be extremely helpful for some back and neck injuries, for long-term and chronic back pain, and for other types of musculoskeletal and nerve conditions. After manipulation, many patients experience loosened muscles, reduced inflammation and healing of the nerves in problem areas. When combined with other appropriate therapies – like careful stretching and exercise, along with heat and cold packs – spinal manipulation is a practical, non-invasive treatment from which many people experience relief.

Although spinal manipulation shows great promise for resolving many back problems, it is not for everyone. For this reason, it is essential to discuss this, and all spinal treatments, with experienced chiropractors at recommended spinal care centers. They can diagnose back problems, and will know whether manipulation is a suitable treatment or not. Carefully done, spinal manipulation may be the perfect choice in simple chiropractic care to take care of many back and musculoskeletal problems, allowing patients to feel relief – sometimes as soon as the first adjustment!

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