Chiropractic treatment is a beneficial therapy that has been practiced for many years. As chiropractors continue to discover even more ways to help sick and injured patients, the field of chiropractic care continues to grow. The history of spinal treatment is long, dating back to the age of the ancient Greeks when some of the advantages of body manipulation first became known. Since then, chiropractic care has come a long way, making it a recommended choice for holistic, non-invasive spinal and medical therapy.

The First Chiropractor

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks, who were physicians well in advance of their time, were the first ones to recognize the benefits of spine manipulation.  Chiropractic care as we now recognize it in America did not come into full effect until the 1800’s. A self-taught practitioner of magnetic therapies by the name of Daniel David Palmer performed what became the first chiropractic adjustment on a man who said he lost his hearing bending over and feeling a ‘pop’ in his upper back. Palmer examined the man and determined he had some vertebrae out of place. He then performed a spinal manipulation on him to restore correct vertebral position to the spine. A few days later, he learned the patient’s hearing had completely returned.

With this newly found knowledge and evidence of how that spinal adjustment had helped more than just his patient’s spine, Palmer continued his studies in spinal manipulation. He learned more about the important ways the spine was connected to and affected other parts of the body. He began using his “hands treatment” on other patients with great success, relieving various ailments such as migraines, sciatica, stomach problems, and even epilepsy. Palmer eventually opened the Palmer School and Infirmary of Chiropractic in 1898, where he began teaching his techniques to others. Palmer is known as the first modern day chiropractor.

Chiropractors and the Medical Profession

Palmer’s initial theories were ignored by the medical community that perceived them as ‘quackery.’ Palmer was indicted for practicing medicine without a license and even spent time in prison as a result. Still, he believed in his therapies and persevered , based on the positive results he and his students received from the many patients they helped. It was argued that chiropractic methods were simply another version of osteopathic medicine, and other chiropractors were also charged with practicing medicine without a medical license. Despite the continued controversy over whether chiropractic treatment was valid, it did eventually progress to the point where a separate license was provided, and the medical community slowly began to accept chiropractic care as a valid, helpful therapy.

Modern Chiropractic Treatment

It took years for chiropractic care to gain the respect it truly deserves as a treatment option. Today, it is widely recognized for the valuable therapy it provides. Some medical professionals still do not acknowledge this type of spinal treatment; however, awareness of how chiropractic methods achieve success and can be integrated into other therapies continues to expand and be accepted. Chiropractic care has proven to be an extremely important therapy for much more than just spinal manipulation.  Because of the spinal cord’s relation to every major system in the body, chiropractic manipulation can provide relief for many illnesses and conditions.

The road to acceptance has been a long one for chiropractors. Thankfully for many patients, chiropractic care is finally being recognized as the essential therapy that it is. Spinal treatment and chiropractic manipulation are important therapies to explore when dealing with back problems as well as a host of other conditions not responding to conventional treatment. As a treatment on its own, or integrated with other therapies, chiropractic care can be an extremely valuable tool to resolve many health issues!

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