The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to create total wellness through body strength, freedom of movement, and properly functioning organs. One of the ways  accomplish this is with massage therapy such as Rolfing massage treatment. Rolfing massage is a type of tissue massage that improves the physical form by freeing the movement of fascia and muscles that affect everything within the body. This helpful technique is great for correcting painful problems and also preventing future pain and illness.

What Is Rolfing Massage?

Rolfing massage was named after creator Dr. Ida Rolf. It is a therapy based on the theory that both emotional and physical discomfort may be caused by our own connective tissue and fascia as well as how our bodies react to the earth’s gravitational pull. Dr. Rolf found that gravity pulls the body out of its natural alignment, especially during times of stress, injury, and pain. The goal of Rolfing is to correct such imbalances, control the pain of damaged and bound tissue by freeing it with manipulation, and restore aligned movement once again.

A Brief History of Rolfing

After graduating from Barnard College in 1920, the gifted physician and biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf continued her personal studies to include mathematics, physics, and homeopathy while living in Europe. She wanted to learn about curing the human body. While studying homeopathy in Geneva, she took particular interest in alternative methods of healing, including osteopathy and chiropractic treatment. She also learned other methods, including yoga and the Study of Consciousness. It was from her study of these various approaches to medicine that she eventually developed her theory of Structural Integration, which became known as “Rolfing.”

Structural Integration points to how the very tissue from which our bodies are made reacts to gravity, causing us to come out of natural balance with ourselves. This idea was revolutionary, as were the healing massage techniques Rolf developed to correct these imbalances. Rolfing has become an important part of chiropractic care to correct and prevent pain, and is still used worldwide today by over 1500 chiropractors.

Who Can Benefit from Rolfing?

Rolfing massage releases damaged muscles and fascia that have become tight or bound from gravity’s pull or injured by the body’s natural reaction to protect its injured parts. When a person sustains any kind of injury, the body compensates by altering itself to isolate the injury, preventing normal use of that body part. This causes misalignment, and damage to affected tissue. It can also cause other physical problems over time, such as back problems that can be responsible for other conditions causing pain and illness.

Based on how Rolfing massage treatment actually works, many people benefit from this technique. It is extremely useful for anyone who has sustained an injury and suffers from the discomfort associated with resulting poor alignment. Rolfing can also help those who suffer from chronic illness, including depression, since gravitational pull and lack of free movement of the fascia and muscles can directly affect other conditions by creating pain and pressure. With deliberate and specific manipulation of the tissue through a series of Rolfing massage treatments, it is possible to change tissue so it slides freely once again, promoting normal alignment and response to gravity.

Rolfing massage involves chiropractic treatment and massage sessions, as well as client education on correct movement to promote good alignment. Today, many chiropractors understand and appreciate the many benefits Rolfing can provide for their patients as a natural and successful way to manage pain. Rolfing is an effective method that can help many suffering from back or body pain, loss of motion, or other physical problems – and help resolve the emotional or mental discomfort that comes with such problems!

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