The holidays can be a stressful time, even without back pain. When all this stress adds up to discomfort, enjoyment of the holidays can be compromised. Some may not even realize the extent of their discomfort until after the fact, when things begin to settle down, and pain becomes more noticeable. Now is the time to make post-holiday pain management a priority. With the help of great chiropractic care from leading pain clinics, back pain sufferers can begin the road to recovery, so that at holiday time next year, they are better able to enjoy their time with family and friends.

Why Holiday Time is Back Pain Time

When the holidays roll around, many people are busier than ever. Between disrupted schedules, higher activity levels due to shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking and preparing for company, and the mental and emotional stress that can come with the holidays, back pain and pain management tends to take a back seat. During the holidays there is no time for sore backs. Between all the reaching and lifting, hours spent on the feet, and forgoing normal health and exercise schedules, back pain – and the conditions that cause it – can worsen without it even realizing it. Once the stress finally begins to fade away, as daily life goes back to normal, suddenly the pain becomes quite obvious.

Getting Things Under Control

When the holidays are over, and that pesky back pain rears its ugly head as a reminder that things are not how they should be, getting back to normal should be priority. To begin with, enlist help for all the clean-up, and taking down and storage of the decorations. Do not add to any existing back strain. Next, work on going back to previous routines, including eating right, drinking enough water, and doing daily back exercises. Make sure to start slowly if it has been a few weeks since they have been done. If there has been a holiday weight gain, try to address it since weight gain can add to back pain. Overall, make a goal to get back to pre-holiday conditions as gradually, but quickly as possible to start on the road to post-holiday back recovery.

Looking Ahead for a Pain-Free Future

Those who are already in chiropractic treatment at local pain clinics will naturally want to get back to their regular care schedule as soon as possible after the holidays. For those who are not involved in this type of care, this is the perfect time to make a New Year’s Resolution to become pain-free by next holiday season. A diagnosis, and starting any necessary chiropractic care and pain management therapy, is a great way to improve health, and lead a happier life. Adding regular exercise such as walking, and any stretching or strength training that may be recommended by a chiropractor, can definitely help as well. The most important part of reaching the point of reduced pain and easier pain management is taking back pain seriously, and looking into chiropractic adjustment and proper back care.

Holidays tend to be a time when our bodies must deal with more stress and strain than we may initially realize. Now that the holidays are over, give yourself the best holiday present of all in the form of chiropractic care offered by experienced pain clinics. Healthy pain management can allow back pain sufferers to feel much better in the new year, and ready to take on all of those New Year’s Resolutions!

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