Spinal stenosis is a painful condition that can become progressively worse over time, with pain increasing as the condition progresses. Chiropractic treatment can help improve the pain and symptoms of stenosis, allowing patients to avoid complex and risky spinal surgery. Before deciding on surgical intervention, individuals dealing with spinal stenosis or its associated conditions problems should seek the opinion of chiropractors experienced in spinal stenosis treatment. With chiropractic protocol, it is possible for those who suffer from stenosis to manage their condition and enjoy pain free living without the necessity of surgery.

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a condition caused by the narrowing of the space in the vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes. Due to the shrinking of this canal, the spinal cord becomes pinched or experiences pressure, which can affect other parts of the body. The spinal cord also become inflamed, which only worsens the symptoms. Nerve endings that send impulses throughout the spinal cord to the rest of the body are affected. Sufferers commonly experience numbness, tingling sensations, lack of free motion of one or both legs, and other symptoms caused by pressure on the spinal cord. Since stenosis is a degenerative condition, it tends to become worse over time. Stenosis can eventually result in chronic pain in the spine and other affected areas, permanent impairment, and eventually disability.

Treatment Options for Stenosis

There are a few different ways spinal stenosis can occur; treatment options vary depending on the cause. The main causes include spinal misalignment, trauma to the vertebrae, tumor or abscess within the vertebral canal space, arthritis, and more. Not all of these issues can be treated with surgery, which is a common medical recommendation. Spinal surgery itself is always risky; in many of these cases, it does not help. Treatment with chiropractors proven to be very beneficial therapy for patients suffering from stenosis, regardless of the cause.

How Chiropractic Helps Spinal Stenosis

Based on the various causes of stenosis, different chiropractic treatments can be used to alleviate spinal cord inflammation and improve associated conditions. When stenosis is caused from misalignment, spinal manipulation to return  vertebrae to their correct position can be helpful. In other cases, when the cause is from a narrowing of the spinal canal, or other pressure causing inflammation, spinal stenosis treatment through chiropractic care can help reduce the inflammation,and improve sensation to other affected nerves and the body parts. Because chiropractic treatment is non-invasive, it is a welcome option for those who would like to avoid surgery.

Spinal stenosis is a degenerative condition that can worsen over time, increasing symptoms and pain as it does. Sufferers of spinal stenosis seeking relief may find it in the skilled hands of chiropractors experienced in spinal stenosis treatment. Chiropractic care offers a number of therapy options for stenosis, giving many patients enough relief to be able to return to their normal lives and avoid surgery. Those diagnosed  with this condition should discuss treatment options with a chiropractor as soon as possible!

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