Rehabilitative therapy is an important part of healing for patients after certain illnesses or injuries to regain full, pain-free body use. Most people think of rehabilitation in terms of slow, gradual physical exercise as well as motor and strength training; however, studies now prove that it is essential to also consider the back during any rehab therapy plan. By incorporating chiropractic rehab treatment into general rehab planning, a patient can experience a much more effective rehabilitation. For this reason, chiropractic rehabilitation should be considered an essential part of any physical therapy program.

Rehabilitation, The Spine, and The Body

Most rehabilitation involves a slow, progressive advancement of physical activities to: build and stretch muscle, tendons and ligaments; improve coordination; and redevelop nervous system function. With careful rehab therapy, a patient can regain balance, range of movement, dexterity, and strength. It is true that the rehab process can be a long one; it does not always come without its challenges, including pain, slow progress, and results that fall short of expectations. In many cases, the failure to consider how the spine affects the body as a whole may be responsible for such limitations.

It is essential that patients undergoing rehabilitation for any purpose consider how the spine controls all movement and pain; misalignment of the spine or other joints can negatively affect rehabilitation. Similarly, when recovering from an injury or illness, a weakness may cause a patient to over or under compensate in ways that create additional painful conditions in an attempt to alleviate the initial ones. This can spinal maladjustment that further adds to pain or reduces positive exercise effects because of pain – or fear of pain. Chiropractic rehab treatment focuses on the spine to prevent pain and promote correct movement and functioning of all body systems.

How Chiropractic Rehabilitation Helps

Chiropractic rehabilitation combines traditional, physical rehab and exercise techniques with chiropractic treatment, such as spinal manipulation and chiropractic massage, to improve rehab results while decreasing or preventing pain. Since it is well known that many types of pain can be managed through chiropractic care, the goal is to use these techniques to ensure there is free range of motion, keeping the spine and nerves properly aligned to prevent pain and enable full recovery.

By reducing back tension in the spine and muscles, patients can achieve greater progress with other exercises in a more comfortable way that can reduce even the anticipation of pain. Additionally, by integrating both physical rehab with chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic rehab allows chiropractic adjustment to play an important role in finding that body balance that promotes faster healing without any additional concerns.

Patients in need of rehab therapy after illness or injury should discuss the important benefits of chiropractic rehabilitation with their chiropractor. Good care of the spine during any kind of physical therapy should be an important part of every person’s rehabilitation.  Integrating chiropractic rehab treatment with conventional therapies will result in the best outcome!

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